walks with the artist

I have been asked many times where I get my inspiration from for my paintings.
My answer is always nature, even with my limitations with moving (due to my disability), going out and experiencing nature is essential to my painting practice.
So I will show here some accessible walks that I do that inspire me the most. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do


Dare Valley Country Park, Aberdare

Very accessible walks around around most of the 500 acre site. The use of disability locks on most gates is a real boon (Use RADAR toilet key), allowing even the largest wheelchair or mobility scooter to get around the park. With its multiple lakes and water cascade there is plenty to see and enjoy, ending up at a wheelchair accessible cafe and toilet to make the day even more enjoyable.












Penderyn Quarry Line Trail, Penderyn

A beautiful 4 mile round walk from Penderyn. The surface is light gravel. My mobility scooter had a bit of trouble pushing through the loose surface but it was possible. Gate ways either end are the type to stop motorbikes, so if you pull in your shoulders you can still get through.

The walk is down the old railway line so it relatively flat. Both sides of the track has fencing which initially makes you feel a little boxed in but the views through the mainly barbed wire fences are amazing. There is a particularly beautiful part about half way along where you are inside a seemingly ancient woodland. Other places of note are the bluebell wood and the sheep farm where you can get close to some interesting breeds of sheep. The scenery makes you forget about the fencing and soon you are at the half way point, in Hirwaun, where a few hundred metres away there is a chip shop serving hot and cold drinks.

On the return journey, you get to see all the bits you loved on the way down and many things you missed in the totally immersive walk.

So if you have a little sense of adventure and you dont have very small wheels on your mobility scooter or wheelchair, I think the effort is worth it.

Negative points - No toilets








Bryngarw Country Park, Bridgend

An amazing 113 Acre country park that has an interesting range of different areas, ranging from a river side, an oriental garden to a marshland covered in wooden raised boardwalks. The fact that I managed to get all the way into the centre of the marshland on the raised pathways on my small wheeled pavement scooter just goes to show how well thought out this park is.

I would like to make a note at this moment that some of the footpaths have fallen a bit into disrepair but that the overall experience was fantastic.

The Oriental garden with its pond and bridge is a true delight and has inspired a range of paintings i am working on at the moment. Please check my Portfolio section to look at my recent paintings.

In the centre of the park is Bryngarw House which is a private wedding venue but who’s architecture is beautiful.

The parking is free for disabled badge holders and the disabled toilet is open after the cafe closes which is very useful.








More walks to follow, please check back